Who We Are

Have you ever gone to a fundraiser and wanted to do more but couldn't because of your finances or a disability keeping you from volunteering? Well that's me. I volunteered for many years and can't donate my time and don't have the money to donate but I do have a talent. So, I tried a custom knife I built and it was ok but most of them sold for less then $100.

So here I was off my feet due to my disability with some nerve pain and doing my ancestry.

I knew there were many men that fought since WW1 in my family tree but then found that my family has been fighting since the American Revolution. With this in mind I built the Patriot Knife and added the story along with the knife. So, when it goes up for auction they mention my history, I'm a veteran, disabled and retired law

enforcement which boost the sale. Yeah I'm using my disability and such but it's to make more money for the organizations. Since starting it there was only one knife I know of that only sold for $680 most of them sell for $1000 or more. Since starting the Patriot it has raised $180,500.00 for many organizations through the sale of the knife. There's no way I could have ever donated that kind of money. The 397 knives I've donated and awarded to individuals have been paid for out of my pocket but my pockets are pretty much empty so I started selling hats, sponsor knives and more to help me pay for building more.

There's one more reason why I do it, I live in pain daily and I now have an addiction but it's not pain meds, it's giving. I'm now addicted to giving these Knives. The feeling I get when talking about them, donating or awarding them makes me feel great and makes the pain go away for a time.